Expert electricity management

The electricity market has been deregulated in certain jurisdictions for several years and continues to evolve and increase in complexity. New supply sources and new and changing regulations pose new challenges for buyers. Most are ill prepared to deal with this changing landscape.

The activities associated with selecting suppliers, developing and revising supply strategies, monitoring prices, and the execution, administration, and tracking of supply contracts requires a significant investment of time and a high level of expertise.

Also critical is the process of developing an effective electricity procurement strategy that meets the buyer’s needs and risk tolerance. Just as important is the ongoing management of the supply process after the strategy has been set and supply contracts have been implemented. Accounting must be done and invoices verified.

E2 Energy monitors the electricity market for best times to buy, renew, extend, or modify supply portfolios. E2 Energy will design a supply portfolio to maintain flexibility, working with the buyer to capture opportunities, to avoid poor timing, and to achieve target price levels that meet budget goals.

E2 provides a complete suite of services that provide full coverage of all aspects of managing a successful electricity program.

Specific services include:

    Risk Assessment
  • Risk tolerance assessment
  • Strategy Development
  • Supplier selection and contract negotiation
  • Make client-specific recommendations and portfolio adjustments
  • Ongoing assessment of purchasing objectives and buying strategies
  • Market Assessment
  • Provide energy market awareness
  • Regular market report, newsletters and other industry information
  • Deliver up-to-the-minute advice
  • Operational Management
  • Solicit offers, analyze bids and finalize supply arrangements
  • Schedule, nominate, and balance gas supplies
  • Dispute resolution, budget setting and variance monitoring
  • Data Analysis
  • Optimize distribution options
  • Transaction management and accounting
  • Invoice verification
  • Financial and usage reports

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