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E2 Energy: Effective and Efficient Energy Management

E2 is easily recognized as one of Canada’s leading, innovative, customer-sensitive and independent energy buying agents in Canada. The company specializes in the procurement and ongoing management of natural gas and electricity supplies for industrial, commercial and institutional energy users across Canada. E2 Energy has been privately-owned by its employees since its inception in 2001 and operates completely independently of all suppliers, utility companies and third party interests. It has never taken title to gas nor resold gas, storage or pipeline space for its own monetary gain. Therefore, E2 acts in an objective manner when forecasting market prices and in making recommendations to clients.

Mission Statement and Business Philosophy

To be the "best in class" provider of energy management services in Canada, to perpetuate the profitability and sustainability of its clients' operations, and to foster the well-being and the prosperity of E2's employees, associates, shareholders, and community.

Unique Service Proposition: Independence from Suppliers = Objectivity

E2 operates independently of all gas/electricity sellers and utility companies and therefore, in the role of Agent represents its clients' interests in a completely objective manner. Electricity and gas suppliers generally require a "power of attorney" relationship with their end-user clients - a situation with pitfalls, least of which is a supplier's conflict of interest. E2 provides valuable advice without the conflict of interest held by suppliers or utility companies and, surprisingly, many of the E2 look-alike service providers. E2's independent operating position fosters supplier competition and the benefit of true market price discovery.

E2 Energy - Procurement Experience and Corporate History

E2 Energy started as a purely project-based, energy procurement and related-activities consulting firm in 2001. In terms of its revenue size, E2 Energy readily ranks itself amongst the five (5) largest (non-consuming) independent, energy procurement and consulting firms in Canada, providing customized service to its clients. Although the firm is only in its eleventh year of operation, its senior staff has been focused on providing high quality customer service to commercial, industrial and institutional clients in procuring and managing their energy needs for the last 25 years and have also had extensive utility experience and supplier experience. Uniquely, our staff has helped many businesses prepare for natural gas deregulation as far back as 1987 in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, including arrangements for supply contracts and pricing, and we currently manage one of the country’s largest independent energy portfolios and continue to consult on a broad range of energy procurement related services.

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