Data Management

Customer-Defined Reporting and Green House Gas Reporting

Knowledge is power. E2’s Data Management Service provides you with the knowledge to help control costs and make meaningful decisions.

Reporting is available for any customization you require, from a high level such as geographic region, down to a building by building level for site managers, or any classification you require. Information about total cost and usage, cost on a square foot basis, comparisons and greenhouse gases is readily available. The reports also establish baselines to measure change and verify the impact on the bottom line and can serve as independent third party verification reports for external auditors or for your financial year-end reporting purposes.

Specific services include:

  • Energy cost and consumption data capture
  • Data validation
  • Utility Bill Audits
  • Site analysis
  • Weather normalization
  • Energy Intensity analysis
  • Analysis by metric, including Key Performance Indicators
  • Baselines, facility and corporate benchmarks
  • Energy and Green House Gas reports

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