How You Benefit

Manage your energy, reduce your costs
It’s what we do every day

Our business is providing energy expertise and superior management.

E2 enhances decision making and reduces management time
  • Control costs
  • Save money
  • Responsive and customer focused
  • Know what’s going on in the energy industry
  • Access a network of energy participants.
E2 provides answers
  • Are you the lowest or highest cost energy consumer in your sector?
  • Are you able to forecast future energy prices?
  • Are you aware of disruptive government policy changes?
  • Are you at a loss to explain why energy costs are out of sync with energy budgets?
  • Are you frustrated with your organization's inability to respond quickly to market changes?
  • Are you able to react to rapidly changing market conditions?
E2 creates advantages
  • Buy in the wholesale market
  • Obtain favourable contract terms
  • Access to knowledgeable industry experts
  • No surprises
  • Customized solutions

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