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Scott A. Walker
Scott A. Walker (P. Eng., MBA),
President & CEO

Scott is one of Canada’s leading industry experts in the specialized field of energy commodity procurement, which has been further cultivated through 20 years of experience and specialized expertise in senior positions with firms such as Canadian Niagara Power, Ontario Hydro, Nepean Hydro Power, ECNG and Energy Advantage. Scott's career has brought him invaluable experience in power generation, transportation, distribution, regulatory, customer service and commodity procurement areas. Scott was a pioneer in the early development of both Alberta’s and Ontario’s first commercial electricity contracts between major consumers and major suppliers, predating deregulation in Alberta by more than a year.

While responsible for the leadership, vision and company direction, Scott remains directly involved with many clients and is known for his "breath of fresh air" demeanor, his preparedness and his uncanny ability to assess the big picture. He maintains responsibility for overseeing the clientele's commodity market purchases. Scott knows that volatility and constant energy price swings make it very difficult for energy consumers to purchase in a knowledgeable and cost-effective way. Scott and his team remain focused on reconciling clients' energy needs, consistent with their budget and financial objectives against constantly changing market conditions.

Robert J. Hyde
Robert J. Hyde (MA – Economics),
Senior Vice President

Bob brings extensive energy experience to E2’s management team. His career has taken him from the oil fields of Saudi Arabia to a founding partner of ECNG in 1987 (now owned by AltaGas) to a Senior Vice President and CIO at Energy Advantage. Among his many accomplishments, Bob pioneered natural gas direct purchases, negotiated the first group direct purchase contract in Ontario, designed and developed a leading edge energy and utility computer system to track and monitor natural gas direct purchases, and manage client accounting and reporting for over 10,000 end-use locations, negotiated numerous supply and utility contracts, developed and implemented new products, including Invoice Advantage, a customer utility invoice payment system. Bob is also an expert in productivity improvement. Additionally, Bob has participated in several energy board natural gas market reviews and spoken at numerous conferences.

Chris Zboroluk
Chris Zboroluk (BA – Economics),
Director of Sales and Marketing – Western Canada

Chris brings a vast amount of experience to E2. He has been involved in the deregulated natural gas market from its inception in the late 1980’s and co-founded Eastern Natural Gas Management Ltd. one of the first companies formed to represent the interests of natural gas users. Chris opened offices in Montreal in 1990, and formed Eastern Natural Gas Management BC Ltd. and opened the Vancouver offices in 1991, which later became the BC offices for ECNG. He successfully negotiated the merger of Eastern Natural Gas Management with ECNG (now owned by AltaGas) to form one of Canada’s largest natural gas consulting and management companies in 1993. Chris has been a member of numerous industry associations formed to represent Institutional, Commercial and Industrial users of natural gas across Canada. Among his many accomplishments, Chris developed and implemented the “Off Peak Storage Program” designed to allow users on an interruptible rate to remain on natural gas and take advantage of savings opportunities during the winter months and eliminate many winter interruptions and saving clients over $300k in the first winter.

Michael Goncz
Michael Goncz,
Director, Energy Operations & Market Analysis

Michael's analytical acumen and industry knowledge has made him a young professional executive with a unique combination of 10 years plus experience in Canada’s de-regulated electricity and natural gas markets. Michael’s experience in the de-regulated energy industry has been significantly augmented by having been one of Canada's first electricity market analysts who prepared clients for the opening of both the Alberta and Ontario electricity markets. Through this he has gained invaluable experience in all facets of electricity management including energy profiling, cost optimization modeling, budget forecasting, client portfolio and risk management, settlement and verification, and contract management. Michael has furthered his experience with roles in the administration and management of natural gas contracts, inclusive of financial accounting for pipeline, distribution and storage aspects on behalf of several dozen major end-use clients.

Michael’s career has been exclusively in the agency market representing end use consumers and collective consumer groups in the marketplace. This enables him to communicate with clients objectively and as an unabashed advocate working on their behalf. His ability to communicate complex matters in a changing marketplace in an easily understood manner favour’s him with our clientele. Michael leads a team of clever and dedicated professional analysts, who provide E2's clients with the much needed technical analysis, management, and market insight required to make optimal energy buying decisions.

Marcia L. Kall
Marcia L. Kall (Honours BA),
Director Natural Gas

Marcia is a graduate of The University of Toronto with a Bachelor's Degree in French and Sociology and has over nineteen years of experience in the energy industry.

Marcia worked for a number of years with Seminole Canada Gas Company with involvement in back office operations from both the supply and marketing perspective, natural gas contracting, regulatory monitoring and intervention, retail aggregation and energy management. This has given her a unique supply-side perspective that allows clients to avoid the subtle and often costly pitfalls inflicted on even the most knowledgeable energy buyer. Portfolio Management, Natural Gas Operations, Business Development and Business Services are but some of the services she has provided to aggregators, large industrial and commercial customers. Today, Marcia’s focus is on meeting the natural gas purchasing and delivery needs of her clients. She leads a team of experienced and dedicated professional analysts and contract management specialists, who provide E2's clients with technical analysis, market insights and the transportation, storage and delivery operating requirements of the wholesale natural gas market.

Marcia’s extraordinary technical skills and expertise are matched only by her gentle and winsome way with clients. A truly caring and compassionate customer relationship specialist, her exceptional listening skills and sensitivity make her a clear favourite amongst our clients.

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