What We Do

E2 Energy is an independent, fee based energy management firm focusing on risk management, energy data management, natural gas and electricity procurement, as well as daily operational expertise. E2’s extensive energy data warehouse provides customer-specific reporting including independent third-party carbon benchmarking and year-over-year emission reduction performance.

Independent & Objective

E2 is privately held by its employees, does not ally itself with any supplier, distributor or transporter and refuses to accept any form of compensation that does not come from the fees paid directly by its clients. This allows E2 to be completely objective in our partnership with the client as our goal is to meet your objectives only.

Risk Quantification – Formal Analysis and Integrated Risk Management

Energy buyers face many forms of risk: price, consumption, operational, supplier and in an era of environmental concern, political and reputation risk. E2 works with you to identify your risk profile including the particular threats your business faces, their potential impacts and uniquely, your corporate and professional attitude towards these. At E2 we use a proprietary risk assessment tool to quantify your risk profile. This formal assessment provides a clear direction and sets the limits for your future energy purchasing decisions.

Procurement Policy

E2 works with you to create an energy procurement program in line with your risk profile, budget criteria and corporate governance guidelines. The procurement program provides the boundaries and context for your ongoing purchasing strategies and ensures you are not inadvertently exposing your company to unnecessary market risks. E2 obtains pricing from multiple suppliers to ensure a competitive bidding process affording the lowest price and optimal supplier services, without bias or preferential treatment.

Purchasing Strategy

E2 works with its clients to set their own unique strategies with the right blend of price, index, term, and quantity. E2 analyzes energy markets, demand-supply imbalances and pricing trends along with consumption patterns to develop, implement and execute customer specific strategies.

Energy Budget

With the ever increasing pressure to minimize costs and accurately forecast ongoing expenses, developing an energy budget is a challenging and time-intensive undertaking. Anticipating future energy expenses requires an in-depth knowledge about market price volatility, operational changes and utility rate increases.

E2 creates energy budgets that allow its clients to more accurately allocate funds for future energy costs. E2 saves its clients’ time by conducting all the necessary market research, price and rate analysis and brings further value by otherwise estimating variable rates more accurately.

E2 Energy prepares detailed site level budgets for each financial reporting period. We consider specific impacts including: known rate increases, impacts of supplier contracts, energy conservation efforts, new sites and site closures.

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